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Comment on interim report by Home Affairs Select Committee

On Friday 1 July 2016 the Home Affairs Select Committee published an interim report as part of its prostitution inquiry.  We are pleased that the Home Affairs Select Committee recognises the need to decriminalise people who sell sex. The overwhelming

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France adopts the Sex Buyer Law

On 6 April 2016 France become the fifth country to adopt the Sex Buyer Law. It has joined Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Northern Ireland in criminalising paying for sex, decriminalising selling sex, and providing support and exiting services for people exploited through

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New report from Commission on the Sex Buyer Law

The Commission on the Sex Buyer Law has published its report – ‘How to implement the Sex Buyer Law in the UK’. Download the report: How to implement the Sex Buyer Law in the UK   About the report The

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Press release: Group of MPs back report calling for a ‘Sex Buyer Law’

New report recommends that paying for sex is criminalised but selling sex is decriminalised. Parliament also urged to consider making it a criminal offence for UK citizens to pay for sex abroad in order to crack down on ‘prostitution tourism’.

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Katy and Stephanie

Katy and Stephanie have shared their experiences of the prostitution trade in two powerful new films from the Women’s Support Project. Katy and Stephanie were involved in prostitution over a number of years. In these films they talk of the

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Home Affairs Select Committee launches inquiry

End Demand welcomes the announcement by Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee that it is conducting an inquiry into prostitution laws. The inquiry’s terms of reference are: 1. Whether criminal sanction in relation to prostitution should continue to fall more heavily


Women’s Equality Party backs the Sex Buyer Law

The Women’s Equality (WE) Party has announced its support for the Sex Buyer Law. This means the party would decriminalise selling sex, criminalise paying for sex, and provide support and exiting services for people exploited through prostitution. WE point out

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A Human Rights Scandal

In August 2015 the leadership of Amnesty International voted in favour of a policy advocating full decriminalisation of the sex trade – brothel keeping included. This is counter to what the End Demand Alliance is calling for. As the Crown

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Sex Buyer Law comes in to force in Northern Ireland

On 1st June 2015 the Sex Buyer Law came in to force in Northern Ireland. It makes Northern Ireland the first part of the UK where paying for sex is a criminal offense, while selling sex is not a criminal