Women’s Equality Party backs the Sex Buyer Law

The Women’s Equality (WE) Party has announced its support for the Sex Buyer Law. This means the party would decriminalise selling sex, criminalise paying for sex, and provide support and exiting services for people exploited through prostitution.

WE point out in their policy document:

Traffickers and pimps operate and make a profit from exploiting women because there is demand for the sexual services their victims provide. Without that demand, there would be no reason to abuse women in this way…¬†The current laws do not work. There has been an increase in sex trafficking and many women are forced into situations comparable to slavery. The sex industry is closely associated with organised crime, poverty, drugs, sexual violence and child abuse. Women who sell sex are vulnerable to violent crimes, including assault, rape and murder.”

The party also states:

the expectation that women and girls can be bought and sold feeds into wider misogyny. The status quo cannot prevail.”

End Demand welcomes this announcement and calls on the other parties to step up and follow WE’s lead in pledging support¬†for the Sex Buyer Law.